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The experience of our Certified Engineers and support personnel, combined with our strategic partnerships, gives us the ability to solve all of your organization's IT challenges. Our solutions are designed to reduce your costs, increase your revenue and mitigate your business risks.


Virtualization, which was once only cost effective for large corporation, has now found its way to the small and medium sized market place to offer many advantages over the traditional server environment. Picture of server

Virtualization technology allows for you to simplify and streamline your network, increase efficiency, improve your company’s collaboration capabilities, lower your overhead and reduce your carbon footprint. TekScape’ s engineers are well versed with VMware’s ESX servers in both single and multi-server environments and can provide designs and implementations that better utilize your hardware resources, increase overall performance of systems, provide more redundancy and have the flexibility to grow.

Please ask us about our ability to:

  1. Convert or migrate your current servers to a Virtual environment
  2. Integrate with centralized storage such as SAN and NAS devices
  3. How we can build in additional redundancy to protect you against hardware failure
  4. How this technology can be used to create robust Disaster Recovery options