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The experience of our Certified Engineers and support personnel, combined with our strategic partnerships, gives us the ability to solve all of your organization's IT challenges. Our solutions are designed to reduce your costs, increase your revenue and mitigate your business risks.

Network Infrastructure

Our experts will design and implement a cost-effective, flexible solution for your company, based on your specific size, needs and budget.

Advanced Networks

TekScape provides high level design for every aspect of your LAN/WAN.  We recognize and research the constant growth inthe industry to ensure that our technology meets the latest standard of what's available.


TekScape provides high level design for every aspect of your LAN/WAN. We recognize and research the constant growth in this area to provide design/support depending on your size. 10Gb to server environments with the future growing to100Gb and beyond. Photo of Network Infrastructure

A. Design and deployment: Every wireless solution requires a site survey. The site survey is essential for a correct deployment strategy. This will organize the placement of AP’s, distance and wireless signal to be broadcast between controllers. It will allow an organization to have maximum, efficient, secure signal strength.

B. Stand Alone Wireless: While you have a lot of options in wireless deployment, location based can be the most cost effective wireless solution which allows specific independent wireless AP deployment. This can be scaled to as many AP’s are required and can be used indoor/outdoor depending on the deployment you are looking for.

C. Centralized Deployment: Centralized deployment on wireless is the most effective model recognized today. Controllers are used to manage and support all the AP’s deployed. These controllers are scaled to however many AP’s you are looking to support now and in the future. This deployment model is most commonly used for separating secure and unsecure wireless networks on the same AP. The traffic is tunneled back through the centralized controller and securely segmented through virtual networks.Photo of Network Infrastructure


TekScape security design and support is one of the most important aspects of a network and our business. Since September 11th 2001, security and disaster recovery has been in the forefront of Directors' and CIOs' minds to make sure the network and Intellectual property is secured and protected incase of any disaster natural or manmade.

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